a.    Cancellation Personal Training and bootcamps - You are required to give 24 hours notice to cancel any class and personal training bookings. If you cancel within 24 hours you will not be refunded. 

b.     Bookings start and finish strictly on time. If you are running late your dedicated trainer is not required to extend finish times to accommodate lateness.

c.    Our Personal Trainers are either employed or contracted to work exclusively at Susi Collective PTY LTD. Any sessions conducted outside the premises should be paid directly to Susi Collective PTY LTD with all membership terms and conditions applicable.

d.    Our Personal Trainers are internally graded based on their experience and qualifications. Prices may vary due to this reason.

e.      If your Personal Trainer is on leave, no longer employed, or they are unavailable for any reason, you acknowledge that we may allocate another Personal Trainer to take over your sessions.

f.    All bookings for personal training and bootcamps will be booked through the Susi Active App.

g.    If you are training with more then 1 person at a time and someone cancels you are required to pay the price of a one on one session.

h.      If you are booked in for a bootcamp we require more than 2 people to be able to hold the class. 

i.     All payments need to be paid for before your session has started otherwise your dedicated trainer has the right to cancel your session and you will still be required to pay for that session.